Gina’s Nook

Regina (Gina) Tullock has been exploring the ways life becomes art for the past 28 years, beginning with her work as a middle school educator. Through her professional career, Tullock has nurtured young people to give expression to their creativity through art, drama, and, of course, photography. Her pioneering work with students when computers were first developing into a viable artistic medium paved her own way to her current mode of artistic expression: Life In-Stills.

Through combining photography, graphic art, and a fine artist’s eye for texture, color, and composition, Tullock creates photographic prints that take on the look and character of oil paintings. Her work blends both a photographic realism with an artistic interpretation, creating a medium that uniquely engages on both levels, leaving the viewer to experience a deeper truth behind what meets the eye: Life itself is art, or, Life In-Stills: Art.
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