Gina’s Nook

Gina’s Nook

I have often said, “I’m an artist looking for a medium.”

I have a Masters of Arts in Theatre and a Doctorate in Education. Even though I had roles in dinner theater, I chose not to pursue theater work but to teach in the public schools. As far as I am
concerned, the classroom is where the real action is – with the students!

Throughout my teaching career, I worked with students ranging in age from kindergarten to college. Primarily, I worked with middle schoolers. I directed many productions including writing and
directing a multimedia play for Homecoming ’86, a statewide celebration of our state. This
production, titled “School Days,” featured live action, music, and projected images. I also employed an artist-in-residence who directed a mime group to introduce each act of the play.

I come by my love of photography from my family: my grandmother composed wonderful family images (my grandfather always loaded the camera), my mom was the documenter of all our lives, and Dad loved creating nature and artistic images.

Since retirement, I have found my passion. Through combining photography with graphic art, I have finally found my medium. I call it fine art imagery. My work not only documents the natural world all around, as my parents and grandparents
so lovingly did, but also seeks to reveal the deeper beauty contained

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